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THC Wax Charges Could Carry Significant Penalties


Countless states across the country have legalized the recreational use of Marijuana, but Texas remains far behind the national curve. Use or possession of marijuana, which includes any extracts such as THC wax, is something that the state takes extremely seriously. Those who are caught with THC waxes or oils face consequences that could include felony charges. If you are arrested for a marijuana-related drug crime in Dallas, Plano or the surrounding areas, you need an experienced attorney as soon as possible to defend you against aggressive prosecutors.

At Peter & Lanzillo, PLLC, we take on the fight for our clients. As soon as we are retained, we begin reviewing the evidence to determine the right approach to take in your case. We provide you with honest advice that reflects what we feel is possible in your situation. We are not going to judge you or simply tell you what you want to hear – we are going to get right to the point and tell you exactly what we think we can do to help you get through your case.

Why THC Wax Charges Are So Difficult

In Texas, cases that involve THC extracts are often extremely complex because of the way the state treats these types of substances. Waxes, oils, and other types of extracts can place an individual at a disadvantage, because the weight of the substance is often considered in total as opposed to simply the amount of THC present in a product. This greatly increases the amount of a drug that a person is alleged to possess, which results in a much longer sentence if convicted.

Our lawyers can help you fight these charges by:

  • Reviewing the actions of law enforcement up to the arrest
  • Challenging evidence that may be excluded from being used against you
  • Determining how to potentially minimize the strengths of the prosecution’s case

We take a team approach to each case we handle. This means that when you hire our firm, you have two experienced attorneys working on building a defense strategy on your behalf. We look at all options in your case – whether that means attempting to negotiate a deal to lessen the charges you are facing, or protecting your rights inside the courtroom. Whatever path your case takes, you can trust that we will use our skills and knowledge to pursue an outcome that is in your best interests.

Defenders Of The Defenseless

We know what you stand to lose if you are convicted of a drug crime in Texas, and we are committed to fighting for you. If you want to learn more about what our lawyers can do to prepare a strong defense against possession or distribution of THC wax charges, call our office today at 972-914-9601 or send us an email.